I am a NYC-based web technologist trying to make the internet better by crafting accessible, usable, and interesting web experiences for companies of all sizes.

Currently the Director of Backend Development at Connected Ventures keeping you distracted from work with CollegeHumor, Dorkly, SportsPickle, & Today's Big Thing. I also work on a few side projects, take the occasional freelance clients, and consult with a couple of startups.

My interests aren't strictly limited to development. Design, usability, architecture, psychology and business are some of the areas that I try to incorporate in to a well-rounded approach for each and every project that I contribute to. This makes me a jack-of-many-trades, but definitely not a master of none.

When not working (which is rarer than I'd like to admit), I'm a big hockey fan, a dabbling amateur drummer, a bi-polar pool shark, and a movie fanatic.

The Site

This site is my personal playground. While I might not be the most reliable writer, I spend a lot of time tinkering under the hood trying out new techniques.

For this iteration, the site is being published as static files generated by Jekyll which gives me the free-time to tinker more without having to worry about a CMS getting in the way.

I haven't validated the markup or tested in every browser, but the code should be valid, semantic, and cross-browser compatible. If you see a bug, let me know. Viewing source code is how I learned, so I also try to keep the code clean and readable.

This domain, registered in 2001 with Dreamhost, is not my first home on the internet. I have gone through many domains dating back to 1997. Looking back on many of my previous domains, I am a bit embarrassed and don't like to re-count them, but I think this domain will be here to stay as my home on the web.