1. Excuses, Excuses

    25 Jan 2010

    It's about that time for me to discuss my lack of content.

  2. Account Deletion

    18 Apr 2008

    New services are a dime a dozen and with that more user accounts to keep straight.

  3. Building Better Groups

    03 Apr 2008

    Who would have thought working together was so hard?

  4. Student Consultancy

    26 Mar 2008

    Get more than a lecture out of class. Actually do something with it.

  5. Power of a Framework

    23 Jun 2007

    A framework can be so much more than the latest buzzword. Master it and you'll be so much more productive.

  6. Breaking the Mold

    13 Jun 2007

    Don't confine yourself to what your job title says. Break out and do what interests you.

  7. The Curse of Idle Hands

    01 Mar 2007

    The hardest client for a designer is themselves.

  8. Put a Face On Your Company

    20 Feb 2007

    Distinguish yourself from your competitors, by just being yourself.

  9. Be Deliberate

    15 Feb 2007

    Knowing is half the battle. The other half is doing it.

  10. Choosing a Rate

    13 Feb 2007

    There is no right answer. But the decision is not as tough as you might think.

  11. Treat Them All The Same

    08 Feb 2007

    Customer service at its finest.

  12. The Perils of Real World Experience

    06 Feb 2007

    Stay in School. This public service announcement brought to you by Chris M Johnson.

  13. Know Yourself

    01 Feb 2007

    If you don't know your limits, you can never grow beyond them.

  14. The Greatest Job in the World

    30 Jan 2007

    Its a double-edged sword. And we're suckers for punishment.

  15. Stay the Course

    23 Jan 2007

    If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. But you may miss dinner.

  16. Don't Do Business with Friends

    18 Jan 2007

    The closer they are, the harder it can be to work together.

  17. The Web is a Different Medium

    16 Jan 2007

    Not many artists would put up with working on a canvas that can change size and shape at any point.

  18. A Business Simulation

    09 Jan 2007

    Go beyond the book and apply what you're learning.

  19. Write it Out

    02 Jan 2007

    Putting pen to paper frees your mind for other things.

  20. The Need for Standards

    20 Dec 2006

    By taking the time up front, you'll save time in the long run.

  21. It's a Service Industry

    12 Dec 2006

    You may not like them all the time, but clients are the key.

  22. The Better Way to Network

    30 Nov 2006

    Make networking more about people than networking.

  23. Grades Don't Matter

    28 Nov 2006

    All those framed report cards were a waste.

  24. Visual vs Structural

    10 Aug 2006

    Different approaches, same result.

  25. The Best Business in the World

    08 Aug 2006

    Don't wait for the best, the perfect, or the ideal. Just get moving.

  26. The Myth of Overnight Success

    01 Aug 2006

    The media loves an overnight success. Now if we could only make it actually happen.

  27. Design Galleries:
    Inspiration or Pirate-fest?

    21 Mar 2006

    A popular source of inspiration and admiration may also be our Achilles' heel.

  28. The Trouble with Kids These Days

    16 Mar 2006

    And industry under attack, from those who will inherit it.

  29. The Trials of Worth

    12 Mar 2006

    You'd be surprised just how varied different defintions of worthiness and value can be.

  30. Choosing a Major

    21 Feb 2006

    One of the biggest choices of college and my take on it as a web professional.

  31. Is College Necessary?

    15 Feb 2006

    A major stepping stone in growing up is going to college. But is it a requirement?

  32. Think Ahead or You'll Fall Behind

    18 Jan 2006

    Planning can be essential in efficient work.

  33. Caution: Does Not Play Well With Others

    11 Jan 2006

    Collaborating on a team can be a great boost to productivity. Sometimes not so much.

  34. Putting the Muse in Music

    04 Jan 2006

    A little music can be the key to unlocking your creative juices.

  35. Make it Compatible

    03 Jan 2006

    Cross-browser compatibility can be quite a challenge. But with some basic steps, it doesn't have to be.

  36. Writing Readable Code

    01 Jan 2006

    Some simple tips for writing more readable code.